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West Coast Swing 6 Weeks Course On Sale

West Coast Swing 6 Weeks Course

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People love West Coast because it's like being on a smooth roller-coaster ride and once the basic patterns are learned, many “surprises” can be added. You may find you sometimes even surprise yourself when dancing by spontaneously inventing new steps and patterns!

Foundation course is a 6-week course that covers the basics of West Coast Swing, basic handholds, how to keep time to music, the structure of the dance, and the roles of the leader and follower. And we have added a couple of cool variations just to spice it up :-)

One of the most fun aspects of West Coast Swing is that it can be danced to almost any style of music 

West Coast Swing is a popular form of swing dancing that has spread across the world. Although it's history and roots come from lindy hop, part of the appeal of WCS is that it is an adaptable dance; it can be danced to a variety of musical styles and genres!


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