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Dance at Home - Beginner Social Dance Course On Sale

Dance at Home - Beginner Social Dance Course

R 299 Sale R 850

Learn how to confidently dance with your partner at weddings, parties and social events.

(10 Video lessons...watch as many times as you need to...lifetime access)

We start at the beginning and guide you through the different variations. Breaking the steps down to make it easy to follow. 

You will be setting the dance floor alight after completing this course...Guaranteed!

What will you learn in this course?

  1. Sokkie Basic step
  2. Sokkie Underarm turn
  3. Sokkie Cuddle
  4. Sokkie Change of Side
  5. Sokkie Spot turn
  6. Sokkie Zig Zag
  7. Two Step Basic
  8. Two step Hesitation
  9. Walt Basic step
  10. Waltz underarm turn
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