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Why I enjoy dancing the Sokkie

By Izak Smit · Oct 31, 2022
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Last night while listening to some 80's music I found myself thinking about dancing. Dancing at school socials and all the other occasions where I have danced over the years. I specifically thought about when I danced the Sokkie.

My parents taught me to Sokkie when I was still very young, and I have been dancing it for probably 30 years and teaching it for over 20 years. I started teaching it first to my friends while in hostel to get ready for the social events. Since I was in an all-boys school, the social events were very important for us. Being able to dance meant the difference between dancing with girls at the social or just sitting on the sideline.

I smile at myself when thinking about all the preparations that went into a social night and all the fond memories of those evenings while in school. I am very thankful that my parents taught me early to dance....I must also say I thought I was the cat's whiskers when it came to dancing, just to have my bubble burst years later when my mom told me "It is so great to dance with you now without you bouncing all over the place" :-) Luckily she never said it when I was younger and just helped me to dance better and better as the years went on.

So, the first reason I enjoy dancing Sokkie is because of all the great memories that I have of dancing it over the years. You might also have some fond memories, please share them with us.

My second reason is because it is an easy dance to learn. I have been teaching Latin and Ballroom dancing for the past 20 years, and it is harder to learn these dances and it takes more practice to become a good dancer. Where with Sokkie if you can walk you can dance. 

My third reason is it is versatile. You can dance sokkie to almost all types of music. The steps stay the same just the tempo that changes. From fast Afrikaans Sokkie music to slow love songs and everything in-between. As long as the music has 4 beats you will be able to dance to it.

My fourth reason is because it is fun. From the first step you dance you will start to realize how much fun it is.  

There are more reasons I dance it, but I am rather going to ask you to please share your reasons for dancing the Sokkie. I look forward to reading them.

Till next time please remember...When you have the choice to dance or not...choose to dance.

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